About Us

Hi I’m Stuart Livesey – aka GrumpyGrandpa – and I’m the person behind this website.

I built my first website in 1996 and started building websites for profit in 1998. That was the year I got into SEO too.

I started using WordPress in February 2005 and have stuck with it every since.

I still use WordPress to this day although my interests have moved more towards WordPress security and making sure websites built on WordPress meet Google’s … and site user’s … speed expectations.

That’s not always easy because there seems to be a real disconnect between WordPress developers and the idea that WordPress sites need to load in under 3 seconds and be written in code that isn’t so full of holes that it looks like Swiss cheese.

So why have a plugin review site?

I think that it’s time that developers and users had a resource that they can look to when they need advice about which plugins will actually do the job.

It’s so easy to waste time and money looking for the right plugin so my aim is to produce a site that will provide the information … in an unbiased way … to help them make the right choice the first time.

And that’s why I’m here.