About Us

Hi, I'm Stuart Livesey and this is my site and my small business.

I've been involved with ... and in ... small business for most of my working life.

If you're a small business person then I understand the challenges you face.

I understand that you're working with a limited budget and almost no spare time and yet, if you want to succeed in business, you have to stay up to date with all the things that can connect you to your potential customers.

Video is one of those things that will help you stay connected and, for many small business people, it is perhaps the hardest thing to come to grips with.

Sure, anyone can shoot some video on their smart phone, their tablet or even their digital camera but, if they have to stand in front of the camera, it becomes too terrifying to even think about.

I understand that. I started shooting video for the web back in 1998 but I was always behind the camera. It's only in the last few years that I've actually turned the camera around and overcome the fear of actually saying something while people could see me.

So I'm here to help you put together the simple equipment you need to shoot your own video and to help you overcome the fear of actually looking into the camera lens and saying something sensible.

Anyone can do it ... even you. No one expects you to be an expert ... all they want to see is how genuine you are and you can do that.

You don't need fancy effects ... you don't need amazing backdrops ... you don't need breathtaking stunts. 

You just need a little practice and the willingness to have a go. You may not win an Oscar but you will win over some new customers.