About Us

I’m Stuart Livesey and I’m the face of CopyText. I’ve been around the Net since 1996 but my writing history goes way back beyond that.

Before the Net came along I had already written a number of hobby related articles and had even been an Assistant Editor at the Australian Model Railway Magazine. I had also been writing numerous reports and submissions for my day job.

You could say that words were a major part of my life as far back as the 1980s.

In 1998 my partner and I became involved in e-Commerce and by 2000 we were providing articles and sales copy for websites across the world. We have continued providing that service to this day.

  • Providing 8 articles every week for the same client for 15 years and never missing a deadline.
  • Writing one Google ad for a client that generated numerous sales … including one that was worth over a million dollars.
  • Writing the text for numerous business websites, across a wide range of industries, that continually generate more leads and more sales that competitors’ websites.
  • Taking a number of business websites, in highly competitive industries, to the first page of Google and keep them there for months and years at a time.
  • Helping a number of very small businesses achieve great things in a very competitive marketplace.
If there are awards for what we do then I have to say that we’ve never won a single one but that doesn’t bother us or our clients because our results say far more about our ability than any award could say.

It’s that ability to produce words that resonate with the reader that we bring to every job that we do and it’s that ability that you can benefit from.

We would love to work for you no matter what industry you’re in so give me a call or shoot me an email and let’s work together to deliver the outcomes you want.