Text for Websites

Do you have too many words on your website?

Long rambling sentences, long flowing paragraphs and too much irrelevant information will have your website visitors running for the exits.

To be effective the text on your website needs to:

  • Instantly tell people what your website is about and quickly give them the information that they are looking for.
  • Use short sentences and short paragraphs to make reading the text easier
  • Use sub-headings to separate different subjects because people skim over a web page and very few people read every word
  • Stay on-message and not wander off into irrelevant stuff that will only bore visitors to the point where they will leave.

Make your visitors search for the information they need and they will leave.

Distract your visitors with too much information or too many choices and they will leave.

Keep it simple because that is what your site visitors want & expect

Keep it simple and your visitors will stay. Make it complex and they will leave

CopyText has been writing text for websites for over 20 years.

We know how to get it right and give your website visitors all the important information in a way that is easy for them to read.

We’ve got it right for so many other website owners and we can get it right for you.

Contact us today and have website text that engages your visitors and doesn’t sent them away.