Text for e-Commerce Sites

Do you have an online shop that’s getting lots of traffic but you’re not turning visitors into customers?

There are many reasons why your e-commerce site might be struggling to turn visitors into sales.

The main problem usually involves your understanding of your potential buyers, their needs and how your product will meet those needs. We can help you with those things.

You get our years of e-Commerce experience when you hire CopyText

We know, from years of experience, how vital it is to understand your potential buyers and be able to show how your product can meet a your buyers needs. When you do that sales will happen.

CopyText focuses on potential buyers when we are writing text for e-Commerce sites. We strive to understand them, identify their needs and look for how your products meet their needs.

That is our focus in every e-Commerce site we work with and results are just what the site owner wants.

When you hire CopyText to write the text for your e-commerce site we will:

  • Focus on your clients’ pain points and how your product will make their life better.
  • Focus on the benefits of owning your product and how the life of anyone who buys your product will be better.
  • Write text that is razor-sharp in its focus and speaks to buyers and to the search engines.
  • Use simple terms and words that are easily understood and don’t confuse potential buyers
  • Always have a call to action on every product page because potential buyers do need to be told to make a purchase.

Affordable and effective

The right words and the right focus is all that’s needed to turn your e-Commerce website into a money-making machine.

CopyText has delivered those words and that focus for many clients over the years and we can do it for you too.

Contact us today and discover how affordable and effective outstanding text can be for your website can be