Blog Posts

An easy and affordable way to keep your website fresh for Google

These days many search engine experts suggest that it’s important to keep on giving Google fresh content if you want to rank well. Making regular blog posts is the easiest way to do that and they can also keep your customers / clients informed too.

But who has time for that?

You’re already working long hours so when are you going to find the time to write anything that might be of interest to your customers / clients?

And how do you write anything that’s going to impress Google?

CopyText for all those times when you have no time

If you’re time poor and don’t have time to regularly write relevant and interesting blog posts then CopyText is here to help you.

We can keep your blog updated with keyword rich content that will help with your search engine rankings.

We don’t forget your customers / clients either. The blog posts that we write will be of interest to your customers and clients too. That can go a long way to improving your sales too.

All we need is some rough notes and images along with a little guidance and we can give your blog the boost that it needs.

Contact us today and discover how affordable regular blog posts can be.